AbhivAdanam is a reverential salutation by a junior or a disciple to a senior
or a teacher with a brief introduction of lineage likes Gotra, shAkhA, sootra, etc
A Dwijan / Twice born who has received the sacred thread can start doing abhivAdhanam
You should do abhivAdanam to ELDERS as a gesture of respect and gratitude towards them. This is also way to introduce yourself, and remind yourself of the rich lineage you belong to. The elders’ intern showers their blessings on you. (PratyabhivAdanam).
Manusmriti 2.120 says:
You should do AbhivAdhanam whenever you prostrate elders.

  1. When ever you meet elders, you must rise from your seat (PratyutthAnam)
  2. Do sAshtAnga namaskAr (how many times? - ask your elders)-(PAdopasangraha)/touch their feet)
    Namaskar to be done facing the elders (Abhi MukhA), you should not face south, facing east is the best.
  3. Close your ears with your palms, bow and say abhivAdanam
  4. At the end when you say "asmi bho:" touch the ground in front of the person with crossed hands.

The elderly person should hear the abhivAdanam carefully, understand your lineage, and bless you with soothing words like "Suki bhava" or "AyushmAn bhava", etc… (AshirwAd)

1 .AbhivAdanam should not be done in Temples.
2. It is also not done to trees.
3. It is not done to BrahmachAris (unmarried) and SanyAsis.
4. AbhivAdanam should not be performed to a group/sabhA of elders. It is only one to one basis.
5. AbhivAdanam cannot be done to women, but can be done to your MOTHER.
6. AbhivAdanam can be done to your guru's wife as she is in the capacity of a mother.
7. It is also not done before the sacred fire.
In all the above places, only namaskAr as like a falling stick should be done.
Elders stand testimony to the fact that maturity can be gained only through discipline and perseverence.They can give you unconditional love and advice, out of their compassion. Their blessings are not mere words, but soothing energy currents that calm your mind. Please take time to feel that intimate blessing by doing abhivAdanam.