Missing Dhonnai in US Temples

Mantharai leaf is used to form an intriguing cup which is called”Dhonnai"; you have to appreciate the craftsmanship ship of the cup made by craftily stitching this leaf.

Normally a junior Sasthrigal, who comes with a senior Sasthrigal for devasam, is allotted to do this work.

When we were young we used ask the Sasthrigal to make few more extra Dhonnai for us.

In Many temples, especially Perumal Temples one can see the devotees get their prasadam only in Dhonnai.

The full impact of this leaf is felt when one gets hot pepper and cashew studded ghee oozing ven pongal in dhonnai, that too as prasadam in a temple in the early morning of margazhi month, really tasteful.

I don’t see much of dhonnai serving in temple in the US and has been replaced by ‘take out’ Styrofoam containers.