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Contentment is defined as “the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.”

Here is a Story, please read:

When Buddha returned from the forest after attaining enlightenment, a King who was a friend of Buddha's father, who was a king too, tried to entice Buddha to accepting the throne as the new king. He said, 'I have all that any man could desire. Wealth, women, wine, and power." Buddha smiled gently and softly asked, "Your majesty, do you have peace?"

The king could not find peace. His minister's solution was to find a man in peace and wear his shirt and he would find peace. They found a sadhu (hermit) under a tree - carefree and whistling. The king asked how he can remain in peace, to which the saint replied, "Because I know the One who provides for the tiniest of creatures will not neglect me. I rest in that faith with joy." I desire nothing because I have the sky as my roof, the world as a home, animals and birds as friends. Who is richer than me? The king found his man of peace and asked for the saint's shirt. "Your majesty, I have no shirt."