Mahaperiava in one of His discourses, explains the role of a Guru in a man’s life and why it is important. For this, He narrates a story that has been known from the time much before Sri Bagavathpadhal and His Guru. Let us first hear the story from Periava and then go to His explanation and commentary.

Story of a king and a queen.

There lived a king; if there is a king, it follows that there will be an enemy king and then a war. Same thing happened in this case also. An enemy king came to fight with our king. As bad luck would have it, our king got defeated in the battle.

Some kings will die in a battle, if they can’t win; some others will run away from the battle field and hide some where. It does not mean that they lack in courage or pride. Tigers will retreat and lie low before they pounce on their prey. Likewise, these kings hide themselves in a safe place in order to take revenge at a later date. Rajaputhras, who were mighty warriors with lot of pride, adopted this tact while fighting the enemies.

The king in my story also , instead of sacrificing his life, escaped from the battle field.

He did not go alone.

He took his queen also with him on the horse. She was pregnant then. Like some people go ‘under—ground’ nowadays, a very loyal minister of the king also disappeared. He only knows that the king and the queen have escaped.

The king’s horse was going in a forest region. The enemy king had sent his soldiers in all directions to capture and bring back the king. Some of them had come to this forest and had sighted the king also running away in a horse.

Bad luck was chasing the king; the enemy soldiers had come nearer.

There was a small hut that belonged to a hunter nearby. The king thought of an idea when he saw the hut. He stopped the horse, got down from it and asked his queen also to get down.

He said to the queen, “ the enemies will not let me escape. They are so many in numbers, and I cannot fight with them alone. My end is certain. But you also should not die with me. Why because, even if I cannot take vengeance, as you are pregnant now, You may give birth to a son as an heir. At least, that child should fight and take back our kingdom from the enemy. Therefore, instead of dying with me like a true wife, you should live and give birth to our son and bring him up in order to fulfill my dream. Therfore, go into this hunter’s house and take refuge.”

Although this condition was some thing she could not bear, because of the logic in what the king said and also to follow the ‘Rajadharmam’, she could not refuse the king’s request. ‘What husband says is the Vedham for us. We have to obey his order; and if he asks me to live, then I should”-----thinking this way, she accepted the king’s order and went into the hut and hid there.

The enemy soldiers came and captured the king. His story ended there and then.

They did not know that the queen also came with him. Thinking that even if he comes to any danger, she should not, the king made her sit in front of him so that she was hidden from the sight of his pursuers.

Therefore, without searching for the queen, they went away, happy that their mission has been completed successfully.

To be continued……….