Dear Mama,
Adiyen Mugundhan namaskaram
Adiyen received an invite from a friend for his father's shradham recently
Long time ago, when adiyen spoke to adiyen's appa, he expressed opinion that given it is the friend's pithru aradhanam, it is not a question to attend it, so at that time. adiyen did not attend the function,
adiyen received the invite again,
given so many misconceptions about shradham in general, adiyen wanted to solicit informed opinion in this particular case. Adiyen somewhere read that pithru aradhanam is Vishnu aradhanam (probably coming from the fact that He is the antharyami of all devatai but given that we do not eat prasadams offered to para devata, adiyen believe there should be a better explanation)
Please let me know if it is okay to go to a shrardham of another family and eat the food there


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