Beware of imposters

I was talking to a ganapatigal in Tirunelveli, who shared a scary incident that happened recently. Some miscreants under the disguise of “veda samrakshanam drive” gathered some photos of a veda patasala, posted them in the internet without even telling the concerned veda patasala. The worst part is after collecting all the money they did not pay a penny to the patasala – god knows what happened to the money collected. If you see this from the veda patasala’s perspective, they are clearly scared and unsure whom to trust and whom not to – what a pity!

I want to share this to all of you so that you know how these imposters are playing with innocent patasala vaidheekas. I also strongly suggest not to post any such things in facebook and in other social media.

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Whether we help patasala or not, even accidentally we should not put them to trouble.

Source: mahesh