Rukmani and Radha

According to Swami Sukhaananda:

"The episode goes like this. Rukmani loves Krishna so much that she is very possessive about him. But hardly she gets time to spent with her beloved one. But she always has marked one thing, that the flute which Krishna plays is most of the times with him, except when he takes bath or when he goes out for some specific reason. Once Rukmani thought of asking the flute as to what is so special about it a mere bamboo stick.

One day, when Krishna went to take bath, Rukmani took his flute, breathed life to it and asked it ‘Why are you so close to Krishna! Despite being his wife, I am not able to spend that much time with him?’ The flute gave a surprise look to Rukmani and told her ‘Even I don’t know why it’s like that. Look at me, I am empty. I am just a stick with some holes and I am of no use to anyone. But once Krishna puts air into me, nice music comes out of it. I don’t have any mental blocks so I am close to him.

So you too take out all blocks (remove your ego), be empty, then only you will be close to Krishna. See Radha! She represents a devotee, who has transcended his ego self and has become an unobstructed medium for the music of the soul’." Thus Rukmani realised the greatness of Radha.