Thirumayam is a place situated between Madurai and Pudukottai. This sthalam is well known as it is one of the 108 Tirupathis. The ambaal here is called as Ujjivanathaayar and the utsavamurthy is Azhagiya Meyyar. Sathya Pushkarani is the name of the sacred pond here. The Lord who lies in state here is Sathyamurthy Perumal, who appears with a 'Prayoga Chakra' in one hand and a Conch on the other. This sthalam is also known as Sathyak shetram. Thirumayam, named after Perumal Thirumeyyar who appears in a lying posture on the Snake 'Aadhiseshan' in a separate sanctum sanctorum.

Once when Permal was deep in slumber, the demons Madhu and Kaidapar come to seize Sreedevi and Bhoodevi. To escape from the demons, Bhoodevi hides near the sacred feet of the Lord and Sreedevi hides in his chest. Aadhiseshan without disturbing the Lord, emits poisonous flames from his mouth and drives the demons away.

Later he repents his action as it was done without the Lord's permission. But Perumal consoles him saying that his act though done without permission was a praiseworthy one. As a proof of this incident, the snake Aadhiseshan appears with his head shrunk in fear in this sthalam.

Devotees perform Thirumanjanam (holy bath to the idol) and offer Sarees, if their prayers are fulfilled. Apart from this, Butter is smeared on the Perumal and clean dry cloth is offered for adorning the idol.

It is believed that couples are blessed with children if they worship the Ujjivanathaayar here. Likewise, persons affected with mental and nervous disorders are relieved from their suffering if they visit this sthala and offer worship, it is said.