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I have a question regarding Sodhakumbam, Masikam & Aabdikam.

My mother passed away in November 2012 in Mumbai. I being the eldest performed all the rituals & functions in Mumbai. I also did the 28th day ritual in Trivandrum. All of these had homams & food was served to Brahmins.

Since I reside in New Zealand where getting a vadiyar to do homam for this is not possible, I was giving green banana, raw rice & dakshina to a brahmin on Masikam day only (not on Sodhakubham day). I have done it so far for:
Thraipakshika Anumasikam
Thriteeya Anumasikam
Chaturtha Anumasikam
Panchama Anumasikam
Shashta Anumasikam

For Abdikam, I have contacted a priest from Australia who has agreed to do the Oona Aabdika Masikam, Abdika Sodakumbham, AABDIKAM, GRAHA YAGNAM for us. He has asked only for 5 Brahmins to be available for serving food to.

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My question is that since I have been offering green banana, raw rice & dakshina only for masikams, do I have to do anything extra before the Aabdikam? Do I have to invite Brahmins for the remaining masikam dates? Do I need to have served food to a certain number of Brahmins before the Aabdikam function in November 2013?