You can combine any number of masyams but all should be completed on 12th Masyam
I hope it is mentioned on 2nd November.

You can not do any Oonams which are left. Oonams should be done within the prescribed time period for every oonam.

Following are the approximate current charges (little variation may be there according to several aspects):
1. Swamigal Sambhavanai Rs. 600 per head for Masyams
2. Vadhyar Sambhavanai Rs. 1100/- per masyam
Around Rs. 6000 will be charged for food including preparation charges for a group of 5 persons including swamigal.

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There will be some extra charges in the case of Apthikam
like vasthrams, vessels should be given to swamigal
Sevakalam should be performed on the Varusha Apthikam day

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