There is a subhashitam in Sanskrit where it says how important the dress is to express one's personality.

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किं वाससा तत्र विचारणीयं
वासः प्रधानं खलु योग्यताया: /
पीताम्बरं वीक्ष्य ददौ स्वकन्यां
चर्माम्बरं वीक्ष्य विषं समुद्रः //

When the milk ocean was churned several items came out. When Lakshmi came out the ocean gave her to Vishnu dressed in the yellow robe. When poison came out he gave it to Siva who was dressed with the hide of an elephant.

Here is another version of the same verse:

वासः प्रधानं खलु योग्यताया -
वासोविहीनं विजहाति लक्ष्मी:।
पीताम्बरं वीक्ष्य ददौ स्वकन्यां
दिगम्बरं वीक्ष्य विषं समुद्र: ॥