Dear Members of BMBC (Brahmins Mutual Benefit Centre),
Few of you have subscribed to the mailing list at BMBC, but I am unable to use the
Newsletter service of this forum because they demand some $10 per month for
using that facility apart from the cost of Forum Bulletin Board software
purchased for about $350.

So, I decided to use the Mailing List facility of the web server provided
free of cost as an add on to web server doamain purchased from ewebguru.

Most of our members (of Vaideekam group) are only familiar with email
participation and not familiar to web activity. So, to keep those type of
members also in active state, I wish to run this mailing list.

I also request interested members to send your interest to become a
moderator of this mailing list.

Visit the following page to join this mailing list:

Just send an email to :
You will be subscribed to the mailing list automatically.
There after you will get the updates and discussions to your inbox as usual
as you are getting from vaideekam group.