I am happy to share another very rare Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram from Garuda Puranam, Chapter 15. This Sahasranama is given by Lord Vishnu Himself to Lord Rudra.

Unlike other Sahasranamas, there's no significant Purva Pithika or Uttara Pithika for this Sahasranama but Lord Vishnu succinctly mentions that one who chants this gets Vishnutva (Is there anything more important than that in the entire universe?) This is very easy to read and understand as well and therefore can be used for daily chanting.

Another unique observation about this Sahasranama is that portions of the Sahasranama are very similar to portions of Rudra Prashna, which is a prayer on Lord Rudra - though at the end, Rudra Prashna itself concludes with equality of Rudra and Vishnu :

OM namo rudrAya viShNave mRRityur me pAhi || (O! Lord Rudra who is Lord Vishnu (i.e. omnipresent)! Protect me from death)

There are a couple of stotras on Lord Shiva by Lord Vishnu in Linga Puranam, Vamana Puranam and Shiva Puranam. One can find that many of the shlokas in those stotras are identical with this Vishnu Sahasranama from Garuda Puranam. Interesting enough, isn't it?

The clue to this is perhaps in Garuda Puranam itself. Chapter 23 of Garuda Puranam (Shivarchana Vidhi contains elaborate description of worshipping Lord Shiva, although Garuda Puranam is considered to be a Vaishnavite manual of worship. Shlokas 23-24 below confirms the non-duality of Vishnu/Shiva:

shaktiH shivash ca tAn GYAtvA mukto GYAnI shivo bhavet |
yaH shivaH sa harir brahma so.ahaM brahmAsmi muktidaH ||
(Meaning - He who is Shiva is Hari and Hari is Brahma one who imbibes this truth becomes emancipated)

Varaha Purana states the above beyond any scope for doubt in a different way - Chapter 57, Kanti Vrata, Verse 18:

na viShNor vyatiriktaH syAt daivataM nRRipa sattama |
nAma bhedena sarvatra saMsthitaH puruShottamaH ||
(Meaning - O King! There is no other God than Lord Vishnu. All other Gods are He (Purushottama) Himself in different forms!"

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