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  • Triglycerides

    Triglycerides are a type of fat found in our blood. Our body uses them for energy.
    We need some triglycerides for good health . But high triglycerides can raise the risk of heart disease and may be a sign of metabolic syndrome.
    Metabolic syndrome is the combination of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, too much fat around the waist, low HDL ("good") cholesterol , and high triglycerides. Metabolic syndrome increases the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
    A blood test that measures cholesterol also measures our triglycerides. For a general idea about our triglycerides level, compare our test results to the following:
    Normal is less than 150.
    Borderline high is 150 to 199.
    High is 200 to 499.
    Very high is 500 or higher.
    In my case the reading was 550, very high. It may be because of Beta-blockers that I have been taking for years for my High BP.
    My Doctor prescribed some medicines for reducing the Triglyceride level to normal. And it acted all right.

    While I had been to the clinical lab for taking tests the lab assistant gave me a simple home remedy to reduce the Triglyceride level which I want to share.
    He told me high level of Triglycerides was common among Brahminsand asked me to try this home remedy. He asked me to soak coriander seeds (கொத்துமல்லி விதை) in water for overnight period and drink the same along with seeds as first item in the morning for a few weeks and check the reading.
    I tried this for a month (along with the medicines given) and found my Triglycerides reading reduced to 150.

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    Re: Triglycerides

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    With Best Regards

    S. Sankara Narayanan


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      Re: Triglycerides

      ப்ரம்மண்யன் சார் வெகு நாட்களுக்குப் பிறகு ஒரு ந்ல்லசெய்தியுடன் ச்ந்தித்துள்ளீர்கள் ந்ன்றி


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        Re: Triglycerides

        Dear Sir,
        A very easy way to keep Triglycerides in check. Sure many will get nenefitted by this.
        Thanks again on everyone's behalf.