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    Among the twelve Siva temples the First one is :

    1. Thirumala Mahadevar Temple, Munchira

    Munchiarai - Thirumalai Siva Temple: Shivalaya ottam starts here.
    Legend says that Sri Rama worshipped here. History records the association of Thirumalai Nayyakkar's birth with this temple. Top of a small hillock (where Purusha Mirugham originally worshipped Siva) twin temples in one temple complex reside - one for Siva and the left one for Vishnu. There are beautiful carvings and sculptures.

    Theertham : Thamiraparani river
    Great saints visited : VyAgrapAdhar

    History: This temple is the first one in the Shivalaya Ottam. There are stone-inscriptions in this temple of the kings Rajendhira Cholan,Thirumalai Nayakkar

    Specialities: This temple is situated on a cliff east-facing. In the North of this temple there is a temple for Maha-Vishnu.

    Main Festivals: Shivaratri, Kumbha Matha Ashtami (Masi month), Vrichika Ashtami (Karthikai month), Panguni month Kodiyettri 10 days Annual Utsavam

    Location: Situavated: 4 miles south of kulitturai Railway station.


    2 Thikkurichi Sri Mahadeva temple

    The temple is by the side of Thamparaburuni river of Kanyakumari district. There is no bull here and is believed to exist within the river stream. The pillar carvings have scenes from Sundara Kanda of Sri Ramayana. The temple also has a Patanjali sculpture.

    God : Thikkurichchi Mahadhevar
    Theertham : Thamiraparani river
    Great saints visited :VyAgrapAdhar

    History: This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.

    Specialities: This temple is situated east-facing on the bank of river thAmiraparaNi. The Sanctum Sactorum is a square one. There is no Nandhi statue in the temple.

    Main Festivals: Shivaratri,Thiruvadhirai, Mrkazhi festival

    Location: Situavated: On the bank of River Thamiraparai near Kuziththurai.


    3.Thirparappu Temple:Thirparappu Virabadhreswarar temple

    Thiruparappu is the third temple for the Sivalaya Ottam. This temple is surrounded by natural beauty and spiritual richness.
    The temple located in the bank of Kodaiyar River and close to the famous Thirpparappu water falls.The perennial river Kodayar and the waterfalls add beauty to the place.It seems, Adisankara stayed in the temple In Sanskrit this place was called Sreevisalapuram and later named as Thiruparappu in Tamil and it became Thirparappu.

    The temple is atleast 1000 to 900 years old if not more. A 1232 CE stone inscription is in the temple. A stone Mandapam and a marker for a secret passage are the other important attractions. This temple for Lord Siva faces the West. The deity is in a wrathful posture as Veerabahu. Probably, after defeating Thaksha he stayed here to ease his wrath. The Nandhi, in this temple, faces the north. At the entrance, on both sides, there are sanctorums for the Ambal and Vinayagar facing the east. On the outside of the temple there are statues of Lord Krishna with ghee and Lord Murugan with Vel. The gold statue in the temple was kept in the Adikesava Perumal Temple as they were afraid of Islam attack. According to a Sanskrit carving, the God was safe- guarding the whole Thiruparappu with his abundant blessings.

    God : Veerabhadrar, Jatadharar
    Theertham : River Kodhaiyaru.
    Great saints visited : Vyagrapadhar

    History: The Lord after destroying the Yagam of Dhaxan as Virabhadra Murthi has taken abode over here. This Lord, Who is very sweet for the sincere worshippers, is in a fierce form. This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.There are many old inscriptions in this temple including the one of the PANdiya King dated nineth century.

    Specialities: This temple is situated in a very scenic background as the kOdhaiyARu rivers makes a fall near the temple. This is a west facing abode. The Sanctum is round shaped at the bottom and cone shaped toward the top. There is an abode forJvaradevar in the temple. Beautiful big temple.

    Main Festivals Shivaratri,Thiruvadhirai,PAnguni Kodiyetram - Utsavam
    Location: Situvated: 10 miles north east of Kuzhithrai.