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Why shed Tears while cutting onions?

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  • Why shed Tears while cutting onions?

    The action of cutting an onion releases a fine spray of droplets. Recent Japanese research has shown that these droplets contain an enzyme called lachrymatory-factor synthase and sulphur-containing compounds, which react to produce a powerful irritant called Syn-propanethial-S-oxide. When a droplet strikes your eye, you respond by producing a copious flow of tears to try and wash the irritant away.

    Cutting onions are one of the toughest jobs, especially if you are a novice at that. No matter how stone-hearted you are, you tend to shed tears!
    But, the next time you cut an onion, do also realize its benefits.

    The benefits include,
    Reduction in the risk of heart attack
    Fight against cancer
    Elimination of harmful bacteria
    Relief from cold and cough
    Lowering of cholesterol levels
    Fights fungus/infections, etc

    How not to shed tears while cutting onion
    1 I just keep a bit of water & a lit candle nearby when I'm slicing them.
    2 Always just kept the root on while I chop the onion, and then discard it. It just seems to work.
    3 Store your onions in the refrigerator; the best was using cold onions
    4 Soak onions in ice water 2 hours before cutting
    5 Peel onions under running water before cutting
    6 Cut the onion then wash with water to quench the H2S, or you can cut the onion cold as it slows down molecular motion and release of the gases. combine the two and never cry again
    7 Chewing gum while cutting an onion stopped the crying.
    8 Keep a slice of lemon in your mouth while cutting, Lime juice on the knife blade before cutting
    9 And the easiest way is to ask someone else cut the onions earlier in the day.