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"I want to become like Periava!"

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  • "I want to become like Periava!"

    On that particular day, there was not much of a crowd in Thenambakkam, where Periava was camping, moreover, it was a working day.

    Periava was sitting on the northern side of the well and the devotees were standing on the southern side. Dharsanam was calm and without the customary rush. Questions from Periava in the form of hand signals;He raises His right hand and blesses every one. All the devotees accepted the Prasadham and moved back and were enjoying the bliss of Periava's Dharisanam.

    Periava had eagle's eyes.

    "Look! somebody seems to be standing there? Ask him what he wants."----He said to one of His attendants.

    The attendant rushed to that person.

    He was a young lad; eyes filled with devotion; he was standing there with both his hands raised above his head in the form of doing prayer.

    " Hallo! young man! You have come for Periava's Dharsan? Then , in that case, go near Him and prostrate. What is that you seek?"------asked the attendant.

    Pat came the reply---"I want to become like Periava!"

    The attendant got angry and told him, " Look! Don't talk that blabber, when you see Him! Ok? As all others do, ask Him the usual things,---like job, promotion, marriage education etc.. Come!"

    The youngster prostrated four times before Periava.

    " This youngster wants Periava's Anugraham.."----the attendant himself told Him on behalf of the lad.

    Periava gave him Prasadham and the youngster left the place.

    ' you were talking to him for a long time! What did he want?"----asked Periava.

    The attendant was scared a bit and thought of managing the situation by telling a lie! At the end, truth prevailed.

    " He said that he wanted to become like Periava."

    "What did you tell him? ' Don't talk that blabber to Him'---that is what you told him. Is it not?"

    'My God! How did He hear all that, sitting 25 feet (about 8 meters) away?'----thought the attendant and replied in the affirmative!

    Silence for some time. The attendant was happy that the matter had ended. But his hope was short--lived! The ball came back and hit him!

    "You shouldn't have spoken to him that way!"

    The attendant prepared himself for more!

    "Did you understand why he spoke that way? You thought that he also wanted to become a Head of a Matam like me! When one sits in THAT seat, every one from Prime minister to crime minister will prostrate before him, offer donations, and will publish what ever he says in newspapers-----This is what you thought?

    "Would there not be an alternate way of interpreting his words?----' He is a gnani( wise man); Bhaktha; an authority on vedas and Puranas; many pundits come to Him for clearing their doubts; A lot of welfare activities are done in His name; Kumbaabishekams are performed; Folk arts develop well;even then, He just sits there like water on Lotus leaf; I also want to become like Him"---Could he not have thought this way?

    The attendant was sweating profusely!

    'After how long Periava is speaking for so long a time? a talk worth delivering in a congregation of thousand men! Is it a punishment or blessing for me?'----thus went the attendant's line of thinking!

    " Go and fetch him!"-----Periava

    The attendand was shaken. How to bring him? where would have he gone?

    He went and searched in all four directions and finally located him as he was doing Pradhakshinam in a temple!

    " My dear child! Periava is calling you!"

    The youngster ran like a calf unleashed!

    He was looking at Periava for five minutes, with out even blinking his eyes!

    Periava also was throwing His Glances at him now and then. He might have thought, 'Oh! this young chap will become a 'Gnani' at the right time'

    On a signal from Periava, the attendant placed a fruit in the 'Prasasha plate'. Periava touched it and the attendant gave it to the youngster. The young man took the gem--like fruit with his trembling hand and away he went.

    Who knows? Beware of a guy who roams around as an electrical engineer in your neighbourhood! Do not go near him. Wisdom may be infectious! He will move with you and make you also wise!---because, the fruit given to him by Periava is made of nectar of knowledge!


    Author-----Sri T.SKothandarama Sarma