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    Kritika Star is ruled by Agni, the God of Fire.

    Kritika is ruled by Agni, the God of Fire. Kritikka is considered the nakshatra where power is born. This is the birth star of Moon.

    The passivity of this nakshatra represents their ability to nurture power. Mythology describes Kritika as the foster mother of Kartik devata who is beautiful in appearance and an able commander in a battle. Kritika is also known as the "Star of Fire" and is related to a commander, fighter, foster mother, luster, and glow of power, physical and creative force. Kritika Nakshatra burns up negativity, purifies what is mixed, and cooks or prepares that which is not yet ripe. This nakshatra rules war, battles, and disputes. Planets in Kritika activate its passive energy. Kritika denotes capability to give a desired change in a form by burning out all the impurities of life or the wrongs and give birth to purity, morality and virtues.

    Clever in Trade, Honored by Government, Mole on Right Chest, Likes to take short naps, Acquisition of Wealth by noble ways, Educated, Famous, Worships Gods, Just arguments, Good Character, Has soft corner for others, Clever Speaker, Strong Body, Good Consumer of Food, Gyani, Helping Tendency, Intelligent, etc.

    Those born on a Kritika day are fiery and full of creative energy. He is very ambitious and eager for power and has the ability to achieve his desires. He has an innate sense of the importance of his destiny.

    This is only general prediction.