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Ten Myths about God

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  • Ten Myths about God

    Ten Myths about God

    Myth 1: God expects me to give up everything
    Truth: God just wants you to give up your “attachment” to everything.
    Myth 2: God wants me to pray all the time

    Truth: Daily prayer time is good, but you need to fulfill your duties too. While driving, we listen to our favorite music. It makes the journey interesting. In the same way, God wants you to enjoy His company and tune in to the music of His love (in the depth of your heart) while you drive on the road of life and progress toward your goals. Just remember Him in everything you do and see how He helps. Daily prayer is an excellent discipline to help you reach the state of constant remembrance.
    Myth 3: God is an angry, punishing entity
    Truth: God is love and compassion … infinitely greater than human comprehension. The painful experiences in our life’s journey are meant to usher our evolution and growth on the inner realm. They are milestones that push us to realize the true purpose of life.
    Myth 4: God hates me
    Truth: There is absolutely nothing in the entire creation that God is not capable of doing. He is incapable of one thing, though: hatred. God simply cannot hate. Children may misinterpret a mother’s actions but the mother only wishes what is best for the child.
    Myth 5: God never gives me what I want
    Truth: God always gives us what we need — even before we ask. God focuses on the big picture while we tend to worry about the trifles. A mother never allows the child to eat unwholesome food, but she will gladly serve what is best for the child’s health.
    Myth 6: God will never speak with me
    Truth: God is always speaking to each and everyone of us. He guides us in every moment of our lives. Due to the clutter of thoughts, we cannot hear His voice. Prayers still the mind and allow us to hear His voice clearly. To listen to a radio broadcast, we need to tune in to the right frequency, right?
    Myth 7: God is boring
    Truth: God is constantly entertaining us. Divine humor! Just look around and feel the wind tickling your cheeks, the breeze playing with your hair, the little ones making you smile, the little incidences that make us laugh in the most unexpected manner … there is joy everywhere in His creation. A mother always tries to make the child laugh, but because the child is so focused on “the toys” she fails to recognize the mother’s efforts.
    Myth 8: God needs to be prayed to in a specific language and in a very rigid way
    Truth: Partially right, but the language is the one that arises from the heart: LOVE! Speak to God as you would speak to your most beloved friend and watch God dance in joy. You will feel it. Tell Him all that you do. Though He is omniscient, He cherishes the conversations we have with Him. He doesn’t like being ignored either — make Him a part of everything you do.
    Myth 9: God won’t forgive my mistakes
    Truth: Make a sincere effort to seek forgiveness and avoid repeating mistakes. God is love. He will raise you and hold you in His arms. Even a human parent can’t forsake a child, how can God do so? You are His cherished child.
    Myth 10: It is very hard to please God
    Truth: It is much, much simpler than you think. It may be hard to please humans, but God will burst into the brightest rainbow smile the moment you think about Him. Try helping others selflessly and see how God reveals His presence in every pore of your being. Serving others is the easiest way to please God. Try it! Small efforts go a long way.
    Smile and be happy always. God created you because he loves you. You are a part of His being, His own special child. He will never forsake or forget you!