Maheshwar,Madhya Pradesh.

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Rani Ahilya Holker of the 1780s is said to have created monuments for her beloved LOrd Shiva all over India,starting from her very PricelyTown Maheshwar on the beautiful banks of River Narmada.

It is said that in 1780 there was a war between Holkers and a nearby kingdom and Ahilya’s young husband,Prince Holker was killed ,making her an young widow.She was about to go on the funral pire when King Holker(her FIL)knelt& begged her not to do so as he didn’t have anyone else to take care of the KIngdom.She accepted his request and devoted all her life time making the HOlker’s rule one of the most benevolent for the people.She built temples from Kasi to Rameswaram,whereever there are 12 JYotir LIngams and one can see a Holker’s hallmark like this Stone lamp:-

The Architectural beauty of Maheshwar must be enjoyed by staying there along the Narmada River and the atmosphere is so peaceful indeed.Holkers have successfully converted their palace into a Handloom centre and they are one of the reputed exporters of Handicrafts and Saris from Maheshwar.Later day princes have shifted their Head Quarters to Indore which is just 80 KM away

Navaratri is an ideal time to visit this beautiful banks of Narmada!

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