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13 Common interview questions for freshers.

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  • 13 Common interview questions for freshers.

    13 Common interview questions for freshers.

    Fresher graduates are under enormous pressure to nail campus interviews. With proper interview preparations & a solid resume, this is not a hard task to achieve. While you are awaiting your campus interviews, try practicing answering the following questions in your own way referring your personal experiences with a presentable manner.

    One important interview tip to be kept in mind that you are just a college fresher graduate, your employer knows that. They would make you feel comfortable to a greater extent in order to get the raw talents out of you. So be cool, prepare well for answering these common interview questions that would be asked in your interviews for sure.

    - Tell me about yourself

    - Why you chose this particular subject of study?

    - Tell me about the most exciting moment of your college days

    - What are your career goals?

    - Why should we hire you?

    - Tell me about your dream job

    - What is your greatest strength/weakness?

    - Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

    - Are you an effective/flexible team player? State an example

    - What do you know about our Organization?

    - Would you be flexible for Night shifts?

    - What is your salary expectation?

    - Do you have any questions?