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Sanskrit Numbers From 1 to 60

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  • Sanskrit Numbers From 1 to 60

    1. One एकम् (ekam)

    2. Two द्वे (dve)

    3.Three त्रीणि (treeni)

    4. Four चत्वारि (chatvaari)

    5. Five पञ्च (pancha)

    6. Six षट् (shat)

    7. Seven सप्त (sapta)

    8. Eight अष्ट (ashta)

    9. Nine नव (nava)

    10. Ten दश (dasha)

    11. Elelven एकादश (ekaadasha)

    12. Twelve द्वादश (dvaadasha)

    13. Thirteen त्रयोदश (trayodasha)

    14. Fourteen चतुर्दश (chaturdasha)

    15. Fifteen पञ्चदश (panchadasha)

    16. Sixteen षोडश (shodash)

    17. Seventeen सप्तदश (saptadasha)

    18. Eighteen अष्टादश (ashtaadasha)

    19. Nineteen नवदश (navadasha)

    20. Twenty विंशतिः (vimshatihi)

    21. Twenty one एकविंशतिः (ekavimshatihi)

    22. Twenty two द्वाविंशतिः (dvaavimshathi)

    23. Twenty three त्रयोविंशतिः (trayovimshatihi)

    24. Twenty four चतुर्विंशतिः (chaturvimshatihi)

    25. Twenty five पञ्चविंशतिः (panchavimshatihi)

    26. Twenty six षड्विंशतिः (shadvimshatihi)

    27. Twenty seven सप्तविंशतिः (saptavimshatihi)

    28. Twenty eight अष्टाविंशतिः (ashtaavimshatihi)

    29. Twenty nine नवविंशतिः (navavimshatihi)

    30. Thirty त्रिंशत् (trimshat)

    31. Thirty one एकत्रिंशत् (ekatrimshat)

    32. Thirty two द्वात्रिंशत् (dvaatrimshat)

    33. Thirty three त्रयस्त्रिंशत् (trayastrimshat)

    34. Thirty four चतुस्त्रिंशत् (chatustrimshat)

    35. Thirty five पञ्चत्रिंशत् (panchatrimshat)

    36. Thirty six षट्त्रिंशत् (shat-trimshat)

    37. Thirty seven सप्तत्रिंशत् (saptatrimshat)

    38. Thirty eight अष्टत्रिंशत् (ashtatrimshat)

    39. Thirty nine नवत्रिंशत् (navatrimshat)

    40. Forty चत्वारिंशत् (chatvaarimshat)

    41. Forty one एकचत्वारिंशत् (ekachatvaarimshat)

    42. Forty two द्विचत्वारिंशत् (dvichatvaarimshat)

    43. Forty three त्रिचत्वारिंशत् (trichatvaarimshat)

    44. Forty four चतुश्चत्वारिंशत् (chatushchatvaarimshat)

    45. Forty five पञ्चचत्वारिंशत् (panchachatvaarimshat)

    46. Forty six षट्चत्वारिंशत् (shatchatvaarimshat)

    47. Forty seven सप्तचत्वारिंशत् (saptachatvaarimshat)

    48. Forty eight अष्टचत्वारिंशत् (ashtachatvaarimshat)

    49. Forty nine नवचत्वारिंशत् (navachatvaarimshat)

    50. Fifty पञ्चाशत् (panchaashat)

    51. Fifty one एकपञ्चाशत् (ekapanchaashat)

    52. Fifty two द्विपञ्चाशत् (dvipanchaashat)

    53. Fifty three त्रिपञ्चाशत् (tripanchaashat)

    54. Fifty four चतुःपञ्चाशत् (chatuhupanchaashat)

    55. Fifty five पञ्चपञ्चाशत् (panchapanchaashat)

    56. Fifty six षट्पञ्चाशत् (shatpanchaashat)

    57. Fifty seven सप्तपञ्चाशत् (saptapanchaashat)

    58. Fifty eight अष्ट्पञ्चाशत् (ashtapanchaashat)

    59. Fifty nine नवपञ्चाशत् (navapanchaashat)

    60. Sixty षष्टिः (shashtihi)

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