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    This can be observed as avratham or you may do 108 pradhakshinam of one Arasu tree. Going around the tree clock wise each day has got its own significance. If you take it as vratham it must be started only on a complete newmoon day falling on Mondays. On 15th october 2012 you may start doing ama soma vara pradhakshinam vratham day. after having completed udhyapanam of vinayaka chathurthy ( sukla patcham) vradham.

    The pooja to the arasa maram must be performed first. Then you must start doing pradhakshinam of that tree. For counting 108 times for the first time you have to buy turmeric (urundai manjal) from provision stores . select 108 manjals from it and have them for doing pradhakshinam.

    For each such pradhakshinam one manjal should be kept near the tree in a thaambaalam from your hand . saying the sthothram "Moolatho brahma rupaaya madhyatho vishnu roopinae agrathaha shiva roopaaya vriksha raajaaya they namaha." you must do pradhakshinam.

    Similarly for the second, third, fourth time of observing this vratham kumkumam, thaamboolam, and flowers will be offered in this order.each one hundreden eight when ever new moon comes on mondays.

    for the rest of the soma vara amavasai pradhakshinams you can offer any suitable dhaanam according to one's convenience. eclairs chocolates., ellurundai, laddu, plantain fruit, grapes, athirasam, appam,etc, any thing you like.

    This must be done for fourteen years. Udhyaapanam must be done for this according to vradha choodaamani stipulations.

    One should not breath her last without doing udhyaapanam. So people will do udhyaapanam in the 2 nd or 3 rd year. and continue doing pradhakshinam total 14 years.from the begining. For udhyaapanam requirements: five brass sombu capacity minimum one litre. 5 silver pradhimai foils, one arasa maram silver foil, 5 towels for kalasams, pancha dhanam. and one ever silver container are required.

    108 athirasams should be made and on one full new moon day (new moon from morning till late night) udhyapanam must be done. As usual pooja must be done for peepal tree (Arasa tree) with 108 athirasams for doing pradhakshinam ( for counting nos.) The Athirasams will be taken back to the house.

    Then in the house kalasa poojas must be done in the house with 5 purohits and also homam chanting of vedas are there the purohits will be fed and after offering dhanams to the purohits the athirasms will be distributed to the kith and kins.Athirasams will be served during meals to the purohiths. place 31 athirasams inn the eversilver container and it should be given as dhaanam to one purohith.

    Pancha dhaanams are: 9x5 cotton dhothy. Deepam duly filled with ghee and thiri and the fire in the deepam should face you while giving dhaanam; religious book; Brass sombu with water (one litre capacity) and one Bell.

    You have to do pradhakshinam to the arasa maram along with neem tree and for this arasa maram upanayanam and marriage of arasa maram and neem tree must be over. Then only to that arasa maram we have to do pradhakshinams. and poojas.

    Males are also eligible to do pradhakshinam and pooja as per purusha sooktha vidhanam.

    REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS POOJA: coconut-1; betels 20 nos; betel nuts 10 ns; bandal powder ; turmeric powder; kumkumam; akshathai; plantasin and other fruits; thiri; oil; vilakku or mud agal; raw rice flour; camphor; oothubathi; uthiri pushpam for archanai; thodutha pushpam; milk; honey; bell; thadukku 2 nos; pancha pathira uthirini, brass sombu, tray, thammbalam, kalpoora karandy, bathy stand, old news papers, manjal; curd; 120 numbers muruku or manjal or fruit for counting purposewhile doing pradhakshinam. (12 numbers for neivedhyam) container for this and one tray to place them hear pooja place.

    First do vinayakar pooja and then aswatha mara pooja with abishekam of milk, rice flour, turmeric powder, curd, honey, sandal wood powder.use one blouse bit for vasthram and kanjugam made out of cotton. After pradhakshinam is over do punar pooja to peepal tree . and argyam and vayasa dhaanam to the pandit.

    Distribute the 108 numbers which you have used for counting to all people who are coming to that temple at that time.Also for ladies you may give thaamboolam, dhakshinai, flowers, fruits, sweets etc;

    You should not take nila kadalai/ ver kadalai, potato, sepan kilangu, karunai kilangu, koorgan kilangu, sakra valli kilangu all items which you are getting from underneath earth n that day; do not even touch cotton pillows, cotton, and cotton beds on that day only.take tiffin only ,at night on that day.