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  • BBcode learning

    Instead of going through all these brackets etc., why should we straightaway use the already existing these signs in word,wordpad, etc., In what way using BBcode is better or why should we use BBcode?

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    Re: BBcode learning

    Word pad and word are working with the help of a pc where the program codes are pre-installed in your computer.
    Websites are depending on the browsers to format and displays its contents.
    As I have already told, browsers can understand only markup language like html, shtml, htm, asp, aspx, php etc.
    Forums are interpreting the bbcodes to one of the above markup language to the browser.
    Forum is running from a remote server, which can not search and find where the word or wordpad is installed in your computer and basically it is wrong. Because if allowed, the outside programmers will easily hack your computer totally within a second.
    In future all these are possible by using cloud computing, that means, no need to install any word or wordpad etc. editor software in any computer, everything will be available from the server itself. Then it will be possible to use known word-processor of any user.
    Thanks for your interest to understand.

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