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20th anniversary of Srimath NaarAyaNa Yateendhra MahA Desikan's PeetArohanam

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  • 20th anniversary of Srimath NaarAyaNa Yateendhra MahA Desikan's PeetArohanam

    20th anniversary of Srimath NaarAyaNa Yateendhra MahA Desikan's PeetArohanam

    Dear SrI Matam SishyAs and Abhimanis of SrI Ahobila Matam:

    Srimath NaarAyaNa Yateendhra MahA Desikan will reach 20th anniversary of His golden Rule as the PeetAdhipathi of Sri Ahobila matam on November 7 , 2011. There will be three days of Veda PaarAyaNams and UpanyAsams by the VidwAns at SelayUr , Chennai . On November 6 , 2011 , elaborate dhivya desa MaryAdhais will be presented to Srimath Azhagiya singar.Please plan on attending this MahOtsavam and receive Phala MantrAkshatai directly from Srimath Azhagiya Singar’s pavitra hastam.

    For the past 45 days , adiyEn has had the bhAgyam of posting one article per day in the context of this MahOtsavam and to express all of our gratitude as SishyAs of this great AchArya Paramaprai and to extend to Prakrutam Azhagiya Singar our best wishes for Veda PrAyam and Vajra Sareeram to continue with the great Kaimkaryams that he has carried out so nobly and tirelessly . adiyEn will continue this likhita Kaimakryam up to the 85th Thirnakshatram day .

    The plans to present a new AchArya Petam (SimhAsanam) on November 7 has been delayed somewhat . The sishyAs and the Astika Community definitely plan to complete the creation of the new SimhAsanam to our revered AchAryan and make the samarpaNam to Him on December 4 , 2011 , which happens to be His 85th Thirunakshatram at rthe DasAvatAra Sannidhi at Srirangam . This Kaimkaryam needs additional funds from the SishyAs based in India and Overseas . So far , the committee has received half of the needed funds and looks forward to additional support from as many sishyAs as possible for this once-in-a –lifetime samarpaNam to our revered AchAryan . Please contact adiyEn regarding your pledges and for information on the ways to sending your samarpaNams . It will be a blessed sight to see our AchAryan seated on this new SimhAsanam and commence His 21st year of golden reign . Please take part in this Kaimkaryam yathaa Sakti ! The MahOpakArams of Srimath Azhagiya Singar to countless number of SishyAs over the past twenty years are limitless . Let us express our Krutajn~atai to Srimath Azhagiya Singar for every thing He has done through personal attendance at this Vaidheeka Utsavam and supporting the “Golden” SimhAsana samarpaNam to commemorate His golden reign .

    NamO NrsimhAya ,
    Daasan , Srimath Azhagiya Singar Thiruvadi