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    Deformed image of Lord Badri Narayana of Badrinath

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    This image of the lord was recovered by Shankaracharya from the deep springs at Badrinath. There is a very interesting history behind this.

    At age of 12, going to Badrinath was not an easy task which Shankaracharya made it possible. In those days very few people dared to think of going to Badrinath because it was highly uncertain that they returned home safely. Shankaracharya with his disciples who were much older than him travelled through the most difficult terrain and reached Badrinath.

    Acharya and his disciples bathed in hot springs which was present side of the temple of Narayana. But to his surprise the four armed idol of Lord Badrinath was missing in the temple instead a Salagrama stone was worshipped. Acharya performed his pooja to the Salagrama and came out of the temple. The temple priests assembled outside greeted him and told him that, the four armed idol of Badri Narayana installed in Satyayuga was lost. Acharya questioned the priests to tell him how the idol was lost.

    To this the priests replied “O! the great saint a few decades back, this place was attacked frequently by bandits from the Northern region (present China region). Hence for the safety of the idol, our forefathers hid the idol in some nearby springs. But inspite of intense search it is not recovered till today and only Salagrama of the Lord is worshipped till today”.

    Hearing this Acharya sat in a deep meditation for a while. After coming back to normal consciousness, he stood up and proceeded to Narakunda springs. Everyone followed him. After reaching Narakunda, Acharya went into the deep waters of the springs. The priests shouted to come back since the underwater currents were very high and it could take his life. But Acharya went deep into the springs and came up with a beautiful image of Lord Badri Narayana. But a few fingers of the image were broken and hence it was not suitable for worship.

    He left that image into the fast flowing currents of the spring and once again went inside the water and to everyone’s surprise, Acharya came up with same idol. Everyone was shocked to see that. Then Acharya heard a divine voice which said “O! the great saint, in this Kali Yuga this deformed image will receive worship at this holy place of Badrikashram”.

    Acharya performed the ceremonial bathing of the idol and installed it with his own hands. He asked his Brahmin followers who accompanied him from south to perform the daily pooja for the idol. Even today Badrinath is believed to be Bhu Vaikunta.

    Source:Garuda Purana community