Merits of Maagha Snaana...
During this period it is prescribed to take bath early in the morning before Sunrise preferably during Arunodaya kaala. This sacred bath is preferred to be taken in any river, lake or theertha or at least at home. Taking a bath (Snana) which is always refreshing, not only cleanses our external body, but also has significance from religious and spiritual point of view in the daily routine of an individual. In Hindu philosophy daily routine generallybegins with a bath before worshiping God, a discipline that is inculcated with a sense of cleanliness in our

actions. If it is during an auspicious period like Maagha maasam, its spiritual merits are in multiple. It is said that Maagha Snana can purify a person even from ghastly and dreadful sins committed. Taking bath early in the morning during Maagha maasam is highly sacred, spiritual and meritorious. Sacred texts like Vayu Purana, Brahmaanda Purana are said to have made reference to the merits and significance of Maagha Snanam.

According to Dharma Saastras merits of Maagha Snaana gets increased depending on the place where the bath is taken as given below.
With hot water at home–Merits equivalent to Six years of such Snana;
From the waters of a well –12 years of such Snana phala;
In a lake –24 years of such Snana phala;

In any river – 96 years of such Snana phala;
In any sacred river – 9600 years of such Snana phala;
At the confluence of sacred rivers–38400 years of such Snana phala;

In Ganga (Ganges) River–Merits equivalent to 38400000 years of such Snana phala;
At Triveni Sangam (Prayaga) – 100 times of Ganga Snana phala;
Maagha Snana in sea (Samudra) is considered more meritorious than all the above.

Wherever may be the place of bath; one should always remember to recollect (recite) Prayaaga and also pray Maasa Niyamaka Sri Maadhava (Lord Vishnu) silently. Those who cannot take bath as said above for the entire month should at least take it for the last three days which is known as Anthya Pushkarini. Maagha Snanam is prescribed for all ages of men and women.