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    Aavi ParekhShuklaambaradharam Vissnnum ShashivarnnamChaturbhujam |Prasannavadanam Dhyaayet Sarvavighnopashaantaye ||
    Dressed in white you are,Oh, all pervading one,And glowing with the colour of moon.With four arms, you are, the all knowing oneI meditate on your ever-smiling face,And pray, Remove all obstacles on my way.
    I meditate upon the Lord Ganesha who is clad in white garment (dhoti), who is pervading, who is as bright colored as Moon, who has a smiling face, having four shoulders (or hands), and who is the remover of obstacles.
    Several people assume that the word Vishnum referes to Lord Vishnu, which is not true. In this context it means pervading or present everywhere.
    who is addressed in this sloka as different people have wrote different things ???
    lord vishnu or ganesh ??

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