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11-04-2012, 02:14 PM

Dear mama,I have this question in my mind and trying to get answer through various forums. I need your personal opinion about it.
I believe in madi and acharam and my parents followed strictly when i was growing.My parents is doing saligramam pooja even today by god's grace.After my marriage, i found my parents-in-laws to be very liberal in madi-acharam. I am kind of shock with their behavior.We both are staying in california and trying to follow our rituals to the extend. But when it comes to three days ladies problem i am unable to find a solution. My husband doesnt believe in this procedure. i hv to cook on these days which many women they do. I do not enter the swamy room for 4 days and on the fourth day i sprinkly turmeric water to all the rooms to purify. But my mind doesnt agree with this. Is there any procedure we can do for purification ? is there any other method which is told in our culture for this? Pl. show me guidance.thanks in advance

Suggestions with the best of my knowledge:
1. Use some induction stove and separate utensils to use on these days in a separate area and do not use them on normal days.
2. If your husband co operates ask him to do sankalpam for punyahavachana mantram and let him play and hear the punyaha mantram on 5th day with the simple procedures given in our website. And ask him to sprinkle that water everywhere.

Note: It will not be considered as perfect as per shastras, but it will reduce a greater amount of dhoshas while comparing with the direct usage of the kitchen as usual.

24-09-2014, 03:13 PM

Pl let me know the site where I can get the purva prayogam of Punyahavachanam ( as mentioned above ). It will be very useful. Especially the matras to be recited after sankalpam and before
aavahanam. I know Pavamana suktham and prokshana mantras.

Thanking u in advance

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M S Raghunathan

24-09-2014, 04:13 PM
Search the website with different phrases or words to find anything.
Check the below link: