View Full Version : Iyer Iyengar having same gothra but different sects why?

09-12-2011, 11:55 AM
Iyer Iyengar having same gothra but different sects why?

How same Gothras,like Vdhoolam,Kousikam etc., occur in both Vaishnavas
and Smaarhas? Why,then,there are no sects like adamanl,Brihathcharanam etc.,
in Vaishnavas but only Vadakalai and Thenkali? When same gothras are there
in both Vaishnavas and Smaarthas,ie. ancestry of same Rishi,
why there is no free inter-marriag between vaishnavas and smaarthas?
Is Ahobilam marriage service available for Smaarhas also,on payment of
rs.one lakh

Dear Dharmeswaran alias Aarthi,
Well. First of all I want to convey everybody onething :
Whenever you are getting doubts, first apply the logic and think on the basis of logic on it.
You will get the correct answer. Now your question is: Same gothrams (of same rishis) found both in
Iyer and Iyengar then why there is a difference? To know the reason for this you should know the order of developement of sampradayas.
We can say it as culture in other words. Man was uncultured in the stonage, day by day he became cultured by learning something and adding it as a cultural development to his community. In the order, Rishis are the oldest. Their followers lived in several places! At that time there were no separations except gothrams according to the rishis. Then they have moved to several places for several purposes! There they have advanced their culture with some new customs. Their followers got difference of opinion in the matter of worshipping the God.
Three major 'tatvas' were announced by three great Acharyas called "Ramanujar", "Sankaracharyar" and "Madhvachariyar". People who followed the I one are called as "Sri Vaishnavites" or "Iyengars" their philosophy is known as : "Visishtadhvaidham" People who followed the II one are called "Smarthas" or "Iyers" and their Philosophy is known as "Adhvaidham". The III one's followers are called as "Madhwas" and their philosophy is : "Dhvaidam" Due to the difference of philosophy, the worshipping of main god also changed and the method of worship also changed.
The sects like "Vada Kalai - Then Kalai" in Iyegars and "Vadamal, Vathimal, Brahacharanam, Ashtasahasram" in iyers are the later development. Due to the affection with their own community, they have developed different cultures among them and stopped sharing relations between them.

We do not have any knowledge or power to develop the culture further, but due to our lack of knowledge we are ready to destroy the beautiful cultural buildings. There should be many different matters in all manner, then only we can enjoy everything by comparing with one another.
If everybody is fair, then there is no special consideration for fairness! If everbody is IAS, then there is no respect for IAS. If every star and moon gives the light equal to the Sun, what is special in the Sun? We are very choosy in our day to day life. There are plenty of varities in cars, scooters, mopeds, sarees, education and in every thing we are using in our day to day life. We are welcoming the varieties and many of us want further more varaities. Then why there should not be some different cultures?
If we are going to merge all the cultures in to one, what will happen one day?! There will be nothing to admire and nothing to enjoy? Isn't it?

Be proud of your culture and do not give up it for anything?
I welcome the the difference of opinion on it. If you differ in some way from me do not hesitate to share it here.
Expecting your reply with your comments.
Further, we do service for all irrespective of caste but for Vegitarions.
Thanks and regards,