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    All other Avatars except Narashima Avatar... was born at a particular time grew up in this world and helped his devotees at some other time. But as Narasimha, both his appearance on earth and his coming to the aid of his devotee were simultaneous and instantaneous.
    In Matsya, Varaha and Koorma Avatars, Lord Vishnu helps Devas by killing Asuras,
    Whereas in Narashima Avatar Vishnu comes to the rescue of the little Human boy Prahlad, the son of asura king Hiranyakashipu.

    As Narasimha the Lord shows great qualities of leadership and presence of mind. A good leader stands by the decisions of those around him, never exposing them. He stands by them and upholds their decisions in troubled times

    Everyone knows the story of Hiranyakasibu who wanted to take revenge on Lord Vishnu, who had killed his younger brother. He did severe penance and received many boons from Brahma, including one that specified that he will not be killed by man, animal, deva, astra, shastra, dry or wet weapon. He would not be killed on land, in heaven, at day or night. Pleased to the core, Hiranyakashipu declared himself to be supreme

    Lord Vishnu, the only one to survive the pralay, who created this entire universe including Brahma, the one the Vedas refer to as moksha adhikari, the Supreme, could have easily overruled the boons given by Brahma and killed Hiranyakashipu. But he didn't do that.

    He protected Brahma's words; at the same time he found a way out - he took the form of Narasimha, half-lion, half-man. He sat on a raised platform, put Hiranyakashipu on his lap and killed him by tearing his stomach with his nails. This is described evocatively in the Srimad Bhagavatham.

    When Hiranyakashipu threatened to kill Prahlad for insisting that Lord Vishnu was Supreme, Vishnu came to Prahlad's rescue in the form of Narasimha. This way, both Brahma and Sage Narada's words were honored, that Prahlad would not be killed. Kayatu, the wife of Hiranyakashipu, was with child when the king proceeded to perform penance.

    Indra tried to kill the child in her womb, when Narada stopped him and informed him that a great Vishnu bhakt was to be born to her

    The Alwars have sung beautiful songs on Narasimha avatar. Prahlad insists that the Lord is Omnipresent. An exasperated Hiranyakashipu strikes at the pillar, asking if the Lord resided in the pillar, too. That very moment the pillar split open and Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha.

    "Not knowing where Hiranyakashipu would look for him, the Lord put himself everywhere - so he still resides in all matter in the form of Narasimha''.

    In this manner, Vishnu did what he had to do without overruling the boons given by Brahma and Narada. In order to honour the word of his disciples and followers and to protect them, he innovates and finds a way out. Vishnu devotees believe that in this way, Narasimha comes to the rescue of all those who believe in him and pray to him, just as he came to the rescue of child Prahlad.