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  • Thinking Aloud..............

    Thinking Aloud. . . . .

    Change (parivarthan) is the essence of Life (niyam)” declares Lord Krishna in the Bhagwat Gita.

    Very significant statement indeed. But are we aware of this. No Sir, not exactly. But Change is a continuous process that takes place whether we are aware of or not. The Lord says again in Gita:-

    ”What belongs to you today, Belonged to someone yesterday. Will be someone else's Tomorrow”

    Wonderful words indeed ! Look at our own life. It has been changing slowly but surely without our noticing it. Let us examine our own life in the past and present. Years back our parents, grand parents and their parents were living in a different environment.
    They led a leisurely life. Their time and space were their own. They relied more on Nature. Agricultural activities formed the center of all activity, especially in our Country, where nature has given everything in plenty. Fixed Seasons, a blessing of Nature to our continent, dictated every activity of our people. Religious and social Festivals and even marriages were conducted in tune with Agricultural operations, which again depended on Nature.

    Well,when I look at our life today, I wonder where we have lost all that . Look at our own City life. The Cities are cramped with everything, population, commodities, consumables etc. etc. But are we happy. No I don't think so. There is only Speed and Speed. Rush for every thing whether they are essentials or otherwise. If we do not compete with somebody or something, we will lose the race and peace of mind as well.

    Our lives are basically molded by the environment where we live and how we live. Take for instance the accommodation. Cities are cramped with highrise buildings with hundred of flats fitted-in like jigsaw puzzle, Sometimes I feel beehives give more space to its occupants! The restricted space certainly affect our attitude towards life. Just compare this with the spacious buildings the previous generations built and lived. In my parental House we had plenty of space in front and back of the building to maintain gardens, where we used to run and play when we were children. That too we were just a middle class family. Compare this with today's position. Unless we are lucky to have independent houses nearby the work place, our life is regimented by outside forces. Cramped flats set in claustrophobia, which is not good for happy life. Our time is not our own, except on weekends and holidays. We have to attune ourselves to the timings fixed by somebody in the Office, Bus Service or Railways,or conditioned by traffic to reach our work place which will be far away. All these raise a question in my mind. Are we really free or living inside a Golden cage? Don't we miss a lot of our own in this mad pursuit of money making ? Please don't mistake me for a Sanyasin who forsakes every thing which we call as pleasures to seek the truth. I am pretty much a middle class householder, well aware of the importance of money. Yes, money is very much required to get our life going smoothly. But in today's market dictated economy money's value changes according to the needs. My life has taught me an important fact that money is only means to run our life and not the end itself. The end is real happiness.

    Real Happiness is difficult to define. Happiness is the state of Mind. It is within us and not to be found outside. We can increase our comfort or pleasure by Money by adding things useful and useless, to satisfy our sensual needs. But Happiness is linked with contentment.
    How true are the words of Greek Philosopher Socrates when he declared:
    "Contentment is natural wealth,Luxury is artificial poverty"

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    Re: Thinking Aloud..............


    That's a wonderful picture of Lord in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Aren't we like Arjuna facing the same dilemmas in life ?
    Thanks and regards,


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      Re: Thinking Aloud..............

      Dear Brahmanyan Sir,
      I every like this picture, and I could get bhakthi only with this type of Lord Krishna's pictures
      so, I am using the "Paranthaman" picture and name every where.

      By the by a clue to use the images already found in the websites (no need to upload again)

      If you find an image suitable for your content in our website or searching by google images
      you can right click on that and you will find a small popup menu with some useful menus on that.

      You will find something like "Copy Image Url" or "Copy image location" etc. left click on that to get the url of that image
      then open a notepad or any text editor like Winword (Ms Office word) right click and click on the "paste"
      menu found in the popup menu, you will get the url pasted in your text editor.

      Now you come to your post select a place where to insert the image and left click there and type the bbcode as below
      to get the image there.

      1. imgl is the beginning tag of bbcode for image left align that should be used in the square brackets
      without space.
      2. The image url should be pasted next to the close square bracket of the imgl beginning tag without space
      3. /imgl is the end tag of bbcode for image left align used in the square brackets without space
      as above.

      Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
      please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
      Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
      Best Wishes and Best Regards,


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        Re: Thinking Aloud..............

        Thank you for the tips, I shall try to use the same for uploading pictures in my posts.