Respected Swamin,

You are doing wonderful service to the vaishnavites and other hindu people and I always respect your esteemed services.

Kindly let me know the details of Igal (இகல்) on the next day of varushabdeegam. Why a sugar cane is taken by the pandits and finally why this has been broken into two? What is the significance of this and who has started this in the earlier days?

With sincere pranams,

Kodiyalam Josiyam Madapusi
Venkataraghava Dasan
Dear Sir,
I request all to ask your public questions publicly in the forum and personal questions through personal email.
I hope there will be nothing personal about rituals and sampradayams.
First of all the thing mentioned "Next day to Varushabdhikam" is not "Igal" it should be mentioned as "Dhathiyaradhanam".
I shortly explain both here.
Igal is not correct it should be pronounced ad "Iyal":
If a person attains Acharyan Thirvadi by leaving the body, the kainkaryam will be done as two types.
1. For Sareeram
2. For Atma
Dhahanam (bruning) done on the day of death & Sanjayanam done on the 2nd day with the bones.
As per sastra, A brahmna sareeram should not be left to go decay, so it should be burnt within 12 hours from the time of death.
The remaining parts as bone also should not be given up, hence it is completely collected from the Smasanam and
after doing some samkarams and santhi mantras it will be placed in a deep ocean or river.

The above two are Sareera Karma and it is not related to the Atma karma.
The second Atma Karma should be started immediately after dhahanam and even before snajayanam.
The atma will be called and kept in a stone at two places and the karma will be done up to sapindeekaranam as per sastras.
As per sastras the soul will promoted to pitru devada which is later eligible for going to swargam step by step.
Up to this step all procedures are common for all brahmins.

As a Sri Vaishnavan already requested for Moksham through an Acharyan by shyamasharanam, at this step Vishnu Dhoothas
will come and take the soul to Vaikuntam by placing a representative at pitru sthanam instead of this soul.

When the soul is going to Vaikuntam on the way, all the devadas like Bhrahma, Indran, Agni, Yaman, Niruridhi, Varunan,
Vayu, Soman, Isaanan, Kuberan, Grahas, stars, Uthrayan devada, sukla paksha devada, Athi vahikas etc. etc. with all their
subordinate devadas are doing all type of upacharams to this soul.
We can imagine this, when perumal purappadu is going through all Maada Veedhi, all bhakthas will stop perumal at every residence
and will do upacharams with coconut, fruits betal nuts etc.
The iyal is nothing but a rehearsal done at our house what is going for the soul on the way to Vaikuntam.
Sugar cane is the symbol of Alwar Khoshti who are doing Divya Prabanda paarayanam.
The sugarcane will be broken at the end of Iyal which denotes that the soul reached its destination / Origin.

The Dhathiyaradhanam is nothing but a get to gather done by the kartha for all his friends and relative for the hard task
(doing of Masiyams without break, and he is able to live to complete that task), and getting Asirvadhams from all elders of he family.

Note:- The kartha is banned to do any celebrations for one year, and he is not able to take part in any celebrations hence he is
celebrating this occasion with his well-wishers for the break of ban and released from conditions.