Dear Swami,

adiyen needs your help on responding to this.

Our elders believe that we should have a fixed family "aathu" vadyar who will guide us on all the karmanushtanams.
Some people now believe that lowkeek-gruhastas on mailing lists are a better source of authentic information on
vaideekam. I don't agree with this. Neither do I agree with the stereo-typing of all vadyars.

What to do?
We have to accept all advantages and disadvantages of latest technology! We have to be like an "Anna Paravai" to absorb the right contents only.
Previously we have got gems occasionally from protected gold pots. Now we are getting few pearls from tons of garbage?!
Ancient people were not speak out and tell the truth or significance to youngsters not because of not knowing / not having knowledge
but they thought those precious things should be arrived by constant and hard efforts and also they hesitated to tell shastras by fearing
for errors while interpretation.
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1. there any pramanas in dharma-shastra for "aathu-vadyar" or is it just a good tradition followed by elders?

There is no pramanam found for this. But there is few Neethi Shastra Vakyams to keep four "V" persons constant
1. Vadhyar 2. Vaidhyan 3. Vakkeel and 4.Vannan all these four persons should know all your family history to perform his job without mistakes.

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2. Is the concept of "aathu-vadyar" still strong in Chennai ? (I think it is.) Please elaborate on your views here.

Vadhyars now appointed by event oriented and by gathering information like charges etc. from known circle who have recently performed.

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3. Can email list of lowkeek-gruhastas who have not done kalakshepam or learnt prayogam under a brihaspati
substitute the average brihaspati in our Chennai/Bangalore circles. (I don't think there can be any substitute for a
good knowledgeable brihaspati or ahnika-kalakshepam adhikari). What do you think?

Ahnika kalakshebam is not required for a Vadhyar but a Vadhyar should have been worked as an assistant with a senior well versed, Traditional Bruhaspathy (even though he is Ganapadi).
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4. Who deserves are large share of the blame for the lack of Sraddha in karma-anushtanam - the brihaspati or the

It should be decided by arranging a patti mandram.

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I think vaideekas have different levels of competency and cannot be stereo-typed.

Feel free to respond in Tamil/Samskrutham if you prefer.

I will like to present the view of a very competent and service-oriented brihapatis such as Devareer.

I can not accept word "competent" 100% but I accept the second one whole heartedly.
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Otherwise such discussions are one-sided.

Finally I wish to bring to your notice,
most of the list members writing on the subject are not performing anything in their own practice,
they just wanted to show their knowledge to get authorization among other members.
This is the reason, I am not giving any reply even having good authenticated answers in groups like Srirangasri, Divyadesams, oppiliappan etc.
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