Respected Guru,

My unmarried elder brother, living in the US has not been able to perform the maasikams for my father who attained daiva patham last Septemper 27,(2011) in Trichy. However, he performed oonams( 27-30, 40-45, 340-355 in USA & 170-180 in Trichy)

I ( wife & 2 children), as per the advice of our Vaadhyar in Bangalore, have performed the maasikam & oonam for the last 12 months(parvanam with Homam & Bhojanam).

Sastrigal in Trichy has advised that my elder brother should perform all 12 masikams before the apthikam Oct 15th, 2012), along with us in Trichy.

Request your esteemed advice on who should do what, in case of unmarried elder brother living abroad , married second son in India & (Mother & un married 3rd son) living in Trichy.

respectful regards,