Path of Maksha

God never derives pleasure from things material. God is not a form
like us. It is a source of pure cosmic energy. Remaining a mook
Dhrishta (onlooker), it has left everyone to fend for self. The law
of karma governs the life of every living being.

Once all souls atmans after big bang scattered all over cosmos...
they have but to purify themselves and return to their original
state as soon as possible. Initially an amoeba, thereafter plant
life, then animal life and finally the shape of human beings!

Suffering and pain is like night and day. One does not have power
even to make a small leaf out of nothing. Can you survive on your
own without oxygen. As a child, one is guided by parents and
teachers in the journey of life. When one matures... the law of
Karma and Dharma prevails.

It is only when we undergo sufferings... we truly realize the value
of happiness. Right from the first manifestation to the last we
are always learning... that does not mean in our ignorance we
indulge in undesirable acts that harm us and prolong our cosmic
journey. In the world of ignorance... we also have intelligent
beings to guide us at each and every stage of our life.

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When a child... our parents and teachers guide us! As we grow...
our brothers and sisters and friends guide us. The elders of the
family continue to guide us throughout life. It is imperative
that we take their guidance seriously.

It is ignorance when the guidance is not seriously heeded to. The
sacred scriptures available to every human being are the best
guide in the journey of life. Ignorance in worldly matters is not
bliss in disguise.

The impurities embedded in an ore do not constitute as implanted
by God Almighty. As long as souls atmans are impure... the cosmic
journey of life continues. In every manifestation one is born

Slowly as age catches up... we tend to mature. The impurities
embedded in our soul atman can only be removed by practicing
Nishkama Karma and establishing absolute control over five
senses and the mind.

As the dross within soul atman reduces... one walks the spiritual
path of life more intelligently. The complete removal of dross from
the soul atman requires 8.4 million manifestations. The long
journey was intended by God.

To curtail the journey in a particular manifestation is the sole
prerogative of the spiritual seeker. One can always reach the
end of the cosmic journey in any manifestation gaining
enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha).

Source: Vijay Kumar