Namaskaarams to All,

As all of you are aware that after marriage, a person has to perform nithyakarmaanushtaanam called Aupasanam. Agni is the witness from the date of marriage, hence Agni is to be preserved throughout the life of one person. During this Kaliyuaga, most of our people have forgotten to do nithyakarmaanushtaanams (daily ritual duties), as there is no awareness by and large. In this regard, I would like to get clarifications, such that it atleast reaches to someone to think to uphold the daily rituals which are getting almost getting extinct.

I kindly request seniors / experts to throw light on the following queries with regard to Aupasanam.
1) Whether Aupasanam to be done with paristharanam (Kusa grass layout), Indra aavahanam and Agni mukandhram?
2) The main course mantram is
Sooryaaya Swaaha Sooryaaya itham na mama (eve: replace with Agnaye)
Agnaye Swishtikruthe swaaha Agnaye Swishtikruthe itham na mama.
3) While chanting this what is the ahuti we may have to consider – whether havisu (Boiled rice) is to be offered / Ghee is to be offered? How the above oblation is to be split – how may times and the manner of splitting the bagam – whether the ahuthi (Oblation) during the day is Ghee? And ahuthi (Oblation) during evening is Havisu ?
4) Small clarification on Agni Upasthaanam (Getting up and paying respects to send the deity to abode) – In one book I have studied that abivaathanam should not be done for Agni, group of people, sanyasi, god etc… – However in Samithadhanam and Aupasanam abivaathanam is done for Agni – whether this is correct
5) FINAL and MAJOR Clarification: There are 2 agnis – one is griha agni and another one is srauta agni – These two are split at the time of marriage.
Seven pAka yajnas are done in Smarta agni and balance 14 yajnas done in Srauta Agni.
Grihya Agni is to be used for Aupsanam / Agnihotram.
It is known that auapsa agni should not be extinguished at any point in time.
Hence CAN WE store this Grihya Agni in Vilakku (Lamp) – Say this is not correct, the homakundam needs to be fed with Virati (Cow dung or SRAI thool) or else agni santhanam is to be done daily if the agni is extinguished.
6) Can we do Sthali bagam alone if not done on a daily basis ? If so what is the specific procedure for the days and manner if different from the normal procedure.
Thanks a lot in advance
Hari Hara Ramasubramaian

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