'Sishya Papam, Gurum Vrajet'

'Sishya Papam, Gurum Vrajet' - This is in line with Karma Theory.

One can get sin through direct and indirect actions. That is from own personal actions and from the actions of depended pairs like King-Ministers, Husband-Wife, Guru- Sishya ......

Sastras and Smiritis clearly say 'Sishya Papam, Gurum Vrajet'

True. There are set procedure to get a Sishya. After this selection is done Guru is the custodian of Sishya. Guru is technically responsible for the Sishya's action and behavior. Thus Sishya's wrong-doing is the Guru's non-teaching!

2) Detailed Answer:

A) Guru-sishya Mutual Examination Period:

(i) Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa:

'tayoh pariksha canyonyam / ekabdam saha-vasatah
vyavahara-svabhavanu- / bhavenaivabhijayate'

The two of them should live together and test one another for one year. This test is fulfilled by observing one another’s behavior and character.

(ii) Mantra-Muktavali:

'tayor vatsara-vasena / jnatanyonya-svabhavayoh
guruta sishyata ceti / nanyathaiveti niscayah'

In the Mantra-muktavali: “By living together for one year they can ascertain from seeing each other’s nature whether they can act as guru and disciple. Indeed, there is no other way to determine this.”

(iii) Sruti Vakya:

'nasamvatsara-vasine deyat'

There is also the statement of Sruti: “One should not give (the vishnu-mantra) to one who has not resided with one for a year.”

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(iv) Sara-Sangraham;

'sad-guruh svasritam sishyam / varsham ekam parikshayet'

Sara-sangraha: “A proper guru should test a disciple for one year who has taken shelter of him."

(v) Krama-dipika:

'santoshayed akutilardratarantaratma
tam svair dhanaih sva-vapushapy anukula-vanya
abda-trayam kamala-nabha-dhiyati-dhiras
tushte vivakshatu gurav atha mantra-diksham'

“The Krama-dipika, however, says this: ‘Without deception and with a heart moist with affection, one should satisfy him with one’s own wealth, with the work of one’s body, and with favorable words. He should do this for three years, remaining sober and thinking of the guru as non-different from the lotus-naveled Supreme Lord. Then, when the guru is satisfied, he may speak the mantra in the initiation ceremony.’ ”

B) Sin Transformation:

(i) Hari Bhakti Vilasa 1.70:

'rajni camatyaja dosah patni-papam sva-bhartari
tatha sisyarjitam papam guruh prapnoti niscitam'

"The faults of the counselor fall on the king, and the sins of a wife fall on her husband. In the same way a spiritual master attains the sins of his disciple. That is certain."

(ii) Sri Chanakya Niti-Sastra, Chapter Six, Verse 10:

10. The king is obliged to accept the sins of his subjects; the purohit (priest) suffers for those of the king; a husband suffers for those of his wife; and the guru suffers for those of his pupils.

Source: Sri.Vidya Rajagopalan