Dear Bruhaspathi swamin,I am starting a new thread beacause of a nagging doubt for a long time. I am sure manymany may hv the same doubt.We hv a lot of quarrel in almost every divya desam were money plays predominantly. Example Srirangam, Thirumala and Kanchi on the basis vadakalai and thenkalai. Sriraragam Ranganathar has a strong Tenkalai thiruman srichurnam. In pomano USA the same Ranganathar sports Vadakalai.In Thiruvanadapuram the same Ranganathar has only Gopi Chandanam. Where as the the Bhagavatham Vyasar says Lalate kasturi thilakam.!!! Vyasa is the ultimate pramanam for this particular issue, for we agree that vyasa actually has seen Vasudeva Krishnan and saying it. If you do not take vyasa as pramanam. then there is no Krishna at all. Who are we to add thiruman srichurnam to perumal according to our ahangarams. Are these attitudes comes under dur abhimanam, which keeps god away, far away from us?From when onwards this vadakalai thenkalai bedam started and for what purpose? Since when we shifted to thirman srichurnam from thilakam?Many may hv these kind of doubts but to whom to go to? Hope u do not mind these questions and offer your explanation

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