firstly plz ignore this message if it is wrong. i have no intentions to due injustice to anyone.

Dear NVS Swami and others.

As per my family, we are sywavam acharyas and i have completed pancha samskaram process by my elder brother after the 13 days function of our father death in 2008.
as per my mother and relatives, we are also followers of Sri Ahobilam Mattam. my questions is also follows.

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1. is it a paradox that we being sywavam acharya and also followers of Sri Ahobila mattam ?
2. HH Srimathe Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Mahadesikan is coming to Pune next month and i have a wish of getting pancha samskaram redone for me and my wife. can we do that again ?
3. During the pancha samskaram process in 2008, i got Gayatri mantra upadesam and presently (last few months) i am following it on daily basis. i also want a Mantra upadesam from our Ahobilam Swami. can request him to give me that upadesam? i heard that only updadesam process is not requested but given.

kind regards
apologies for any mistakes of my part. i am yushaka adyayee and a duffer to the core.