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Adiyen Dasan. Have two clarifications on Performing Shradham :

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1. Performing shradham on a different day instead of the original thithi. My mothers shradham generally occurs in Purattasi Suklapahsha dasami thidhi. This year due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was not able to perform the shradham on that day and I was told I can do the same in the next krishnapaksha ekadasi day. I am planning to do that. Please let me know if there is any specific pariharams to be done if we miss the actual date.

2. I live in Singapore . I do not have the opportunity to do the complete shradham with homam and agni santhanam....I am taking help of a kovil priest here, who comes home with two additional bhramanas from the temple and I do sankalpa shradham only. " I do complete shradha thaligai for the bhramanas. Is there any specific activity I need to perform or take care when I perform this.
While I am doing this, I am still not sure if this is correct and this is what I should be doing.. Please advise..