Dear Members,
This is for your information!
Now we made a change in our forum that you might have seen!
Above forum and below navigation bar you will see Two slide shows and one video slide show.
The first two are for new year wishes, they will be removed after few days.
The third one is the video slide show in which you will find the latest vides of various swamins Upanyasams
as and when uploaded to Youtube, that will be added here automatically without any efforts.

Also, in the bottom before footer we have added six types of videos :
Suki Sivam
Visaka Hari
Kids Story
Bhagavat Gita
Patti Mandram
by clicking on the play button of the selected video, you can watch the complete series of the videos added in that play list.
You can see the video in Full Screen by clicking the full screen button in the bottom right corner of every video, and just press
the escape key to return to forum automatically.

Important Notice: As this type of forums are very powerful to reach the world within few minutes through search engines,
Everyday and every minute spammers are trying to post in forums.
But we have very strong protection against spammers.
As one of the protection we insist members to log in to use the forum to see the contents which are very useful for our community.
All social websites are doing the same, you see you can not see anything in Facebook unless otherwise you logged into your account.
So, kind enough to use the forum by log in with your account.

The videos, side bar, important spiritual contents can not been seen by persons who Not logged in or not registered.

Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
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