Hello all,

My name is Ramesh and I am from Chennai. My forefathers are from a small village called Satharai (also called Chatari) near Tiruvellore on the Madras--Arrakkonam route. I live and work in a small city called Colorado Springs in US. We are sishyas of Andavan Ashramam (and my acharyan is HH Srimooshnam Andavan). My wife is also from Chennai and her forefathers are Thathacharis from Tirupputkuzhi near Kanchipuram.

I have been to Shri NVS swami's website on several occassions and thank him for mainitaining sampradayam related matters online. I came to know of Shri NVS swami's website thru Dr.V.Sadagopan's (New York) positings in other groups and he always appreciates Shri NVS swami's untiring kaimkaryam and his promptness in clarifying doubts. I am quite active in following sampradayam related matters and I am a member of almost all of the groups related to Srivaishnavam since they were started sometime around 1995 and later. I would be mostly passive in positing sampradayam related matters as my knowledge is close to zero, but open to gaining knowledge from learned and respectable members of this forum.

Sarve jana: sukinobhavanthu