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26-09-2012, 06:29 PM
Dear mama

Adyen Dasan,

We use to do Mathirai velakku during puratasi month at home. we use to do it on 1st, 3rd saturday except Bramostavam saturday. This year Bramosthavam is just finished today. As I said we don't do it on 2nd saturday (donot know why?). The third saturday falls during Mahalaya paksham. Is it ok to do Mathirai Vilakku during Makalaya Paksham. The 4th saturday is navarathri.

Please give your Kind advice when we can perform Mathiri Vilaku.




26-09-2012, 08:10 PM
It is also called "maavilakku maavu".
Actually it is a sampradayam and not shastram, which means if not done there is no pApam
but if done puNyam.

There is no specific reason for not doing it on 2nd and 4th sasturdays,
but mostly ladies will follow the odd numbers for some events and even numbers for some events.
As per my observation odd number is followed for all Temple, worship, prarthanai matters
for example, 5 ladies for sumangali prarthanai, 3 or nine pradhakshanams etc.
Even number is followed for all subhams like marriage, upanayanam, seemantam etc.
in this events they hate odd numbers, they place two maNai palakais, two line kolams,
two numbers of paniyarakkai (paruppu thenkai), jodi garlands etc.
There are some exemptions also found occasionally.

O K now we come to this matter.
The reason for not doing this "maavilakku" while brahmotsavam at thirumalai is very simple;
"mostly all will go to Thirumalai on that time so it is not possible to do" that is all.
But made it as a rule.

Some will do the mahalaya tarpanam for all the sixteen days,
most of the iyengars will do the mahalaya tarpanam on any one day like 'madhyAshtami', 'mahAbharaNi'
so, if mahalaya tarpanam is not done either by your father or by you on that Saturday
you can do this "mAthiri vilakku" on that day.

26-09-2012, 08:36 PM
Dear mama

I am highly thankful for your detailed reply. It is really good to know the explanations. I have one more query on the same subject. My pariappa sratham fall on Oct 6 on the saturday (3rd saturday). Even though I am not attending, I was just wondering whether I can perform mavilakku on that day.

I also heard from people saying that last Saturday is not a problem even though it is fouth saturday.

Please clarify. I am sorry to bother you.



26-09-2012, 10:31 PM
Periyappa means father's elder brother?

If your family is not a joint family (means living in one roof) then you can do.

27-09-2012, 09:25 PM
Thanks for your kind and detailed reply.



Priya Radhi
28-09-2012, 07:17 AM
Shriman NVS

Why not provide us with the rituals/religious ceremonies to be performed every month, with detailed guidelines and also providing us with the year/month/paksha/star details of the day on which these are to be performed,.
As you know, all of today's generation are tech savvy and mostly IT and understand the language of softwares only. However, it is a good trend to see that they are keenly involving in religious activities, take part in temple festivals in US/Australia/London etc., but the absence of knowledge in religion keep them mute spectators. I am sure, everyone will be befitted by your contributions, if not immediately, in the longer run.
What I require is your guidance to perform/organise Pooja with the relevant manthras and the approach.
I am sure, for the benefit of most, what I am asking you may not mean too much. If so, please pardon me
Bye and thank you


28-09-2012, 11:00 AM
Dear Madam,
I am replying all questions as quick as possible about religious and rituals.

For the past 15 years I am conducting the website called www.ahobilam.com in which I am giving all manthras and procetures in Tamil.

Also I was running a yahoo group called vaideekam since 6th March 2000 and I have answered about more than 5000 questions of the members of that group. Through that group I had sent weekly reminders also about the forth coming week's rituals and vratams etc.

For the past 9 years I am preparing and distributing a yearly FREE Panchangam in the name of "Paranthaman Panchangam"
in which I have listed all the rituals which are to be done and on which day it should be done.

I am giving more explanation about any particular rituals.

Kindly let me know a way how to enhance my service to the community in some other method which will be best
for the benefit of our community and youngsters.

I am always expecting suggestion from all sort of users.
Best regards,

Priya Radhi
29-09-2012, 09:13 AM

At the outset, please accept my profound apologies for making such a suggestion without actually understanding your contributions to the vaishnavam. I also visit ahobilam site, at times, for any doubts about religious performance. I just did not link this site with ahobilam, hence the suggestion was made.

In order to bring everything under one umbrella, if any important question is answered in other sites like ahobilam, vaideekham, a link in this site with the appropriate heading, will benefit the members, who may not be visiting other sites.

Your service is exemplary and highly laudable


Please forgive me if my action is considered as preposterous

Thank you again.

தங்கள் சேவைக்கு என் மனமார்ந்த சிரம் தாழ்த்திய வந்தனங்கள்

29-09-2012, 11:04 AM
Dear Madam,
Thanks for all your compliments,
but I don't think there is a necessity of apologies for such a wonderful suggestion.

One more information for your consideration,
I had linked the total www.ahobilam.com website with this,
which is hanging under all pages, you just scroll to bottom of any page of this forum,
you will find the www.ahobilam.com Home Page with full navigation.

Members can search and find any relevant information from here itself.

I am having a plan to translate and post all the content of ahobilam.com to English and
post here under relevant headings, which will take lot of time for me because I am spending
lot of time to maintain this website to reply and enhance with new features and I am moderating
more than 50 new registration every day and actually out of that 50 about 45 are from spammers.

Accepting a member is very easy, but before denying a new member I have to check a lot
like their IP address, email address, where they have posted already, how they are treated in other forums
and blogs for their postings etc. which swallows lot of my time.

This information is not only for you, but for all members, who may think running of a forum is as easy as eating Halwa.

Any how I have to thank you for the opportunity to explain all the things.

by the by you have not commented about the new feature added at the top op every page to type in Tamil ?


Priya Radhi
01-10-2012, 09:41 AM
Shriman NVS

Thank you for the extensive reply. I am sure all the members who have read this post, will understand your noble service and also the importance of this site, which is a 'Lighthouse' to all the vaishnavites of the world. The source of information, the authentic reply with explanations, the selfless service, must be remembered by everyone, particularly spammers. A disservice to the site is nothing less than a disservice to Lord Himself, as the site propagates only his glory.
You have gone one step ahead in providing the translator in Sanskrit also, which is very useful.
தங்கள் சேவைக்கு என் மனமார்ந்த சிரம் தாழ்த்திய வந்தனங்கள் [typed in the tamil translator above]
Thank you again