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Dishonest Brahmins - My experience

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  • Dishonest Brahmins - My experience

    Dishonest Brahmins - My experience

    Hai Vidhya,
    You are trying to link and justify my wrong action for the action of a professional.
    The vadhyars are professionals doing Service and as a customer I will expect perfection in his occupation. I may not follow certain things as per my convenience.

    It is similar to purchasing a product. Will you purchase a under performing car or a tv just because you are not following things in your regular routine or if you are employed will your boss tolerate your inefficiency.

    We can make mistakes or sacrifice something in our personal life but we can’t afford to do it in our profession.

    Please don’t take it personally
    B Suresh Kumar

    My humble opinion :
    I think it goes both ways. I know we all expect our vadhyars to pave the way and be perfect.

    But lets all face it. we gruhastas do not have that shraddha as well.

    There are so many things/samskarams that we take for granted and shorten it to fit our schedules. If the same is done by vadhyars it becomes a questionable act as we want them to be devoted for the one day function that we do.

    But they are used to now seeing people manipulating the shastra and samskarams to their benefit.

    There are very few households who even cook shradha samayal at their homes on their own. Needless to say, the mamis who come to do the cooking, order for coffee as soon as they come and do not perform their duties with the devotion it needs.

    Its just a circle. What small concessions we make, comes back many fold in some form or the other before our eyes and we do not realise that this is a reap of our own deeds at some point.

    I think, we should stop criticizing or pointing fingers at others before we are 100% sure of our own acts. Its just I think the vadhyars have lost their faith in we gruhastas and have adopted the machine life as well to survive.

    I personally know so many of my collegues, who cannot even take a half a day leave to perform the shradham of their ancestors. they have time from 10 - 12 before they have to leave for office.
    This writeup is not intended to hurt any feelings or criticize anyone.


    Dear ALL,
    Truly said . The purity is no longer there. Vadhyars perform shraddham and puniyajanam/seemandham/marriage ceremony onthe same day. It so happened during my father's thithi the vadhyar was in hurry to go to perform marriage on one occassion and in another case he din't have shraadh food as he wanted to perform thread ceremony in other place and requested to serve normal food.

    Im not aganist their earning but they could very well arrange others to perform shradhh incase they are performing good ceremonies.

    But they want the best of both worlds .

    Again, this is my experience and views.

    Dear friends,
    I saw lot of commotion made on the DASHINA paid to the priests. First of all let me tell about the Doctors. They spend lot of money to study medicines. Now coming to VADHYARS (Priests), most of them do not even know about the sanctity of the Manthras they chant. Most of the so called priests are not even conversant with Sanskrit. Even they , in order to make money, curtail many Manthras. It has become a profession of some, without knowing the sanctity or knowledge of Manthras. A coolie earns about Rs. 200 a day, to be on higher side. I equate these priests who have no basic knowledge to a COOLIE. I have lost faith on the present day priests and started paying in Temples and Orphanages. In fact these VADHYARS or PUROHITS are taking advantages of those who practice VADHYAAYANAM since their number is less.

    Kindly note that this is not a profession, a profession is one " a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or science: the profession of teaching. Compare learned profession.".To be frank, the more you depend on these quacks they squeeze you especially if you are from an upper middle class family who stick on old costoms and practices.Again " PROFESSIONAL means a person who belongs to one of the professions, especially one of the learned professions" . I am giving one more definition "PROFESSION" mean Occupation, practice, or vocation requiring mastery of a complex set of knowledge and skills through formal education and/or practical experience. Every organized profession (accounting, law, medicine, etc.) is governed by its respective professional body. THIS IS ONLY MY VIEW.
    Regards and Namaskarams,
    Thank you Bala and Krishnan,

    Though I fully agree with both of you, the comparison that we are making about the 'remunaration" that our priests receive is still pitted against "other professions" (Doctors, Accountants etc.). But I think we should make a paradigm shift in thinking. Our Hindu priests (whether at the temple or at home) are not just offering a 'service', they are also upholding the Hindu dharma and keeping our culture a living one. Hence we should compare their contribution to say the Christian order. How well are their priests are looked after? What respect the Christian society extend to them? Look at the organisational structure that they have... the Pope, the Archbishops, and the rest.. the Learning institutions that they have, and the way the collect money to keep them going...

    For a few thousand years we have maintained our system, our culture without the structure that, say Christianity has. But for how long, in this fast changing times? To start with we may need to at least take care of our Brahmin priests that we still have around.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Dishonest Brahmins - My experience

    Dear Suresh Kumar,

    As far as products are concerned, there is a price for everything. High quality goods go for high prices. Lower quality goods go for lower prices. Thus the 'perfection' that we come to expect is coloured by the price we are willing to pay. Perfection becomes, not an ideal, but a relative grade.

    If we are wiling to pay a lot of money, then we will get a good quality vadhyar who will proceed to perform the rituals as prescribed in the shastras.

    There is also a second factor in all this. How do WE know what is perfect? In the case of a car, we can read reviews, do a test drive and ask neighbours and friends. But the particular unit we buy could be better than, equal to or worse than the average for that particular car. For us to be abe to recognise if the particular unit we are buying is going to be 'perfect' requires that we understand how the product is put together, the engineering behind it, the physics behind it, its design, the allowances for error when putting it together - to name a few things.

    This is better illustrated with the help of the purchase of a diamond jewel. It is a perfectly useless purchase (except for our vanity etc.) and you are totally at the mercy of the jeweler. If he says this is worth X, you can at the most bargain the price down a little - but who is to say that the diamonds are flawless? Are you educated enough and do you have the jeweler's training to make the call?

    Thus, in a nutshell, we get what we pay for - and we are restrained from determining the quality of what we have bought by our own ignorance (of the vedas, rituals etc.) Why blame the vadhyar?



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      Re: Dishonest Brahmins - My experience

      Dear Sai,
      Well said.
      But, I wish to point out, that there is a way porvided in vaideekam to check the quality.
      In most of the important karmas like vivaham, Upanayanam as per vaideeka prayogam
      a Brahma is to be appointed separately to watch the karma leaded by the vadhyar.
      That Brahma should be a very talented and learned person.
      Though people are ignorant or not having adequate knowledge in rituals and who are really
      willing to conduct the rituals in high quality should use this arrangement by appointing
      a learned person who is not linked with that Vadhyar and should be a well wisher of the

      performers family.

      And moreover, there are lot of aged Sastrigal, Vadhyars in Iyer and Iyengar are there
      without having work and income. The only problem is, we have send a vehicle to pickup and
      drop them. They are still very sincere in their work and doing without compromising.

      Also, I suggest, all today's youngsters will one day get retirement, so, they can

      spend a very little time, say two to four hours per week to learn these things,
      which are now available widely in the internet itself.


      Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
      please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
      Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
      Best Wishes and Best Regards,