Dear Mr Srinivasan
Where and how do I find your reply to this query and other queries raised by
members from time to time. Please guide us as otherwise it would be simply reading
only members queries without knowing your considered views . I searched and
searched all over but without success. Please reply directing me as to how
I should go about finding your replies.

Dear Sri. Ramabadran,
Now you have sent the mail to the group,
by this I am getting this message and all other members of this group will also see this.
I check in to your membership settings,
If I change it to individual mail, you will get all the message and replies posted in this group.
by joining our new forum you are eligible to get the personalized answers replies to your
quesitons, on the spot. No, need to wait for the replies from this group.
Almost, everyday I am spending more than 12 hours to do the online works,
I may have 10days out of 30days vaideeka works in the morning (forenoon) session 6 am to 1 pm.
I may not available on those days only, all remaining times I will be on line only.
So that, members of the forum can directly approach me through live chating video, audio, text supporting enabled there.
So, you can get your replies on the spot just by only one click on the prompt for live help.

If you once visited to our forum, you can book mark this page on your web browser say
Internet explorer or Google Chrome or Fire fox,
Whenever you want to talk with me, you just click on that browser go to that bookmark
saved for you can start talking with me.

I started this service, due to many elderly members are experiencing hard to type messages,
most are not practiced to type English and or Tamil hence they are hesitating to participate
in this discussion though they are willing to do so.
Members can feel free to contact me, really they can treat me as their honest and obedient brother or son without any hesitation.
Please try and let me know your experience.
thanks and regards,