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Festivals fall on Ashtami,Navami thithis.

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  • Festivals fall on Ashtami,Navami thithis.

    All of us know Gokulashtami falls on a Astami thithi day and SriRama navami on a navamithithi, as the festivals themselves denote. Ofcourse we are also celebrating our children's Ayushhomam, Shastiapthapoorthi,Sadabhishekam etc, without any prejudice if it falls on Astami or Navami thithi as we are concerned only with Janma Nakshathiram. When we are following this why should we refuse to perform any auspicious function in our house if and when all other parameters are in good
    positions. I think there must be some valid reasons and let that be known to all of us. This thread is posted without any
    prejudice to anyone's personnal knowledge.