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12-11-2011, 02:02 AM
The Punyahavachanam Japam audio attached in this just you have to play this and keep touching the
kumbam by dharbams.

12-11-2011, 12:09 PM
Prasava Punyahavachanam or Beeja Dhana Muhurtham
How to do Prasava Punyaham or Procedures for Prasava Punyahavachanam.
Everything are same for Iyer and Iyengar, just Iyers should say "mamopatha duritakshayatwara sri parameswara preethyaratham" in places of "Sri bhagavatagnaya sriman narayana preethyartham" thats all.

Here now I am giving procedures in simple, but full audio and full text pdf is given under but the text file is in Tamil.
There are three main steps:
1. Yajgnopaveeta Dharanam
2. Punyahavachanam
3. Beejadhanam

1.0 Yagnopaveeta dharanam further divided as follows:
1.1 Achamanam
1.2 Pranayamam
1.3 Sankalpam
1.4 Nyasam
1.5. First Poonal wearing
1.6 Achamanam
1.7 Second poonal sanakalpam
1.8 Nyasam for second poonal
1.9 Second poonal wearing
1.10 Removing old poonal
Audio for part-1:


The next part will be given in the next reply post.

21-01-2012, 05:35 PM
Dear vasu Vadyar Swamin.
Thank you so much for the text and audio files.
Best reagards
Dasan Srinivasan