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  • Help - Not able to post messages

    I am not able to post messages regarding temples and other religious matters as none of the quick reply or post new thread blogs open up when the keys

    are pressed. This is the experience of my sons too. Kindly guide us as usual as to how to go about it not only in this matter but also how and where to

    view your lucid and valuable comments on each and every query or topic posted daily. We are following your advice, instructions, methods,experience strictly.

    l. I would like to view video clippings if any taken by members of Kumakonam Sarangapani Kovil and Oopiliappan Kovil.

    2.I could see the video of Kudanthai Ramaswamy perumal kovil but could not decipher the description; it is all mutilated. if it were in english perhaps I would have been able

    to understand.


    pc ramabadran

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    Re: Help - Not able to post messages

    Fire fox is having some problem in rendering the wysiwyg editor [What You See Is What You Get]
    which is installed for the benefit of users like you to easily compose the messages.
    So, use the Internet Explorer or Chrome latest version, which are working for me well.

    In every page at the bottom you will find the Top 20 Latest posting list
    By clicking one by one you can see my replies.
    In every page you have to scroll down and click the link from bottom
    or you can use the right click and open link in new tap menu by which the link pages will remain there
    and the linked pages will be open in a new tab, you see the content and you close them after.

    I had added link for posting new thread to every forum with a + button by clicking the New text or + Plus button
    you could post a new thread in that forum.
    Here also you can use the right click and open in a new tab menu to keep a forum home page standard
    to select other threads easily.

    Kindly attach and send a photo of you for reference.

    Just by having the thread number you can view the postings with the standard prefix
    For example if you want to see this postings of thread number 613 you have to put the following url in your browser
    You can just leave the following title etc.
    Once you have entered in you browser correctly, every time whenever you started to type the url it will automatically complete
    and show the previous url and you can remove the old thread number and put the new thread number and put enter
    it will open the correct content.

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,