All the basics of Vaideekam (Rituals) in Tamil

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With this file one can have a good knowledge about all the basics of Vaideekam (Rituals) like:
How to do Pavithram
How to do Koorcham
How to do Gruha Alankaram on Subhams
General requirements for doing Subhams
60 Tamil Years, Ayanams, Rudhus, Months, Pakshams, starts
How to do Anugnai
How to do Vishvaksena Aradhanam
How to do General Sankalpam
How to check Tara Phalan
Yajgnopaveeta dharna mantrams
How to do Gruhapreethi
All the above are described in one file.
Please download, read and send your comments without fail to update the contents accordingly.